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SJ-8 2023-24 - 1/10 Carpet Oval SK-Kar Kit

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This is the Pemberton Raceworks SJ-8 2023-24 1/10 carpet oval SK-Kar kit. We took the wildly successful SJ-8, winner of the 2023 Snowbird Nationals, and made it even better!

Say hello to the risen bar in SK-Kar vehicles. Needed to complete: servo, ESC/wire, motor, battery, RX/TX, wheels/tires, body/clips.

It's always a challenge taking a platform that just won carpet oval's "Super Bowl" and finding ways to make it lighter, faster, slicker, and overall a better design. It's our pleasure to give you the first look at the 2023-24 version of the SJ-8: the SK-Kar kit you know and love, with some key updates that take the bar and set it even higher than its SJ-8 predecessor.

The SJ-8 2023-24 Includes:

- Updated aluminum lower arm mount (PRW13111), designed to capture the floating servo mount system (PRW13031) that has already been highly successful on the 4.7CE platform.

- PRW Floating Servo Mount System: Making its debut on the 4.7CE, we have brought it over to the SK-Kar platform as well. This system decouples the servo mount from the chassis, allowing the steering servo to directly respond to any movement/flex of the chassis throughout the suspension travel, resulting in optimal and predictable steering performance. Carbon mounting plate conveniently accepts Futaba 9650, Futaba 671, and Sanwa/MKS-sized micro servos without having to change any parts out. System includes "short" and "long" mounting plates to adjust steering turnbuckle angle and servo position. Included as well are traditional chassis servo mounts, as pictured here.

- Bringing over more ideology from the 4.7CE, we have included a lightened carbon weight rail (PRW12801) with optimized left-front weight placement positions that accepts up to 5 full ounces of weight. Kit comes standard with 3 brass (0.5oz - #PRW12810) and 2 aluminum (0.15oz - #12820) pieces. Optional 1oz (#12830) tungsten pieces are also compatible, and recommended for high-grip situations where you are looking for as much left-side weight as possible.

- PRW’s famous Rear Steer T-Plate System with spring steel T-Plate. T-Plate available in both .028" and .032" thicknesses. By far the easiest and most repeatable method to set rear steer on your car, one of the most crucial adjustments, especially in the ever-sensitive SK class! The 1/10, 1/12 and SK rear steer systems all use the same part numbers (PRW12500-028 for .028", PRW12500-032 for .032").

- PRW ultra-lightweight diff hubs included as the standard (part#'s PRW 12871 and 12881) for the spec racer in mind. Kit will come with a differential; optional ultra-lightweight spool kit is available as well (PRW13370). To purchase just the spool axle, see part# PRW12920