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Chief-12 - 1/12 Carpet Oval Pan Car Kit

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When we released the 12-LT 1/12 car, we put our best effort into making it the 1/10 kit's "little twin". Oh, if only we knew how much we would learn in two short years. We would like to welcome you to not just the twin of the 1/10 car, but also our best impression of cloning the features you know and love of the 4.7CE... just, shrunk! The PRW Chief-12 Kit Includes: Updated aluminum lower arm mount, machined down to accept 1/12 tires and achieve proper ride height (PRW13112). Designed to capture the new 1/12 floating servo mount system (13032), a huge reason our newest 1/10 line has been so successful, especially in foam tire racing. Traditional aluminum servo mounts are included as well, just like its big brother. 1/12 pivot balls in the lower arms are machined with an undercut to accept a full-length 1/10 front spring and lower bucket (undercut serves as the upper spring bucket). Aluminum body mounts and delrin body posts are the standard on all 4 corners of the car.

We worked hard to increase left side weight while remaining within the 30oz minimum weight. We are happy to present our sleek, low-profile brass left side weight (PRW13380) for the Chief-12. Fastened with front and rear tapped carbon brackets (13390), you can't get the weight any further left than this! Weighing in at 1.6 ounces, this is our best play on simulating our 1/10 weight system while being minimalistic for a class 6 ounces lighter. The Chief-12 chassis (PRW13400), carbon brackets and brass weight all have holes drilled to accept two PRW weights when you are looking to stack weight on the left front corner of the car (weights not included). Consider grabbing some 0.5oz brass (PRW12810), 0.15oz aluminum (12820), and/or 1oz tungsten (12830) pieces to tune as needed for your class and/or track conditions. No double-sided tape or sticky lead needed with PRW's vast weight options.

PRW’s famous Rear Steer T-Plate System with spring steel T-Plate. T-Plate available in both .028" (stock) and .032" (optional) thicknesses. By far the easiest and most repeatable method to set rear steer on your car, one of the most crucial adjustments. T-Plates are available for purchase separately for tuning and spare parts (12501, 12502). Let's talk shocks: In the continued search for weight savings, the Chief-12 kit comes standard with a Silva Concepts HPS2 center shock (PRW12621). Super lightweight and picture-perfect geometry, easily tunable with VCS-style springs of your choice. On the sides you will find KSG Motorsports Ultimate Side Shocks (12641). KSG is a competing manufacturer, however, we pride ourselves in acknowledging great work and great products, being made by great people. We are proud to source side shocks from our friends at KSG on both our 1/10 and 1/12 premium kit offerings.

Where the ESC mounts, you will find a cutout to accept our brand new Final Answer Heatsink for the Tekin RS Pro 1-S. We will include a low-profile carbon plate in the kit to cover this cutout should you choose not to utilize a heatsink for the high demands of Modified, or staying ultra-cool in the 17.5 Truck class.

The Chief-12 made its debut at the PRW Special Events Center Winter Blast 2.0, with factory driver Nate LaFluer delivering a TQ/win in 1/12 Modified in a shutout of the field. Chief-12's accounted for 5 of the 8 A-Finalists in 1/12 Modified at the 2024 Snowbird Nationals with Jared Bardin cracking the podium in 3rd place. When in a world of followers, be a leader, or "chief". Choose the Chief-12 from Pemberton Raceworks as your next 1/12 scale oval vehicle today.

Needed to complete: servo, ESC/wire, motor, battery, RX/TX, wheels/tires, body.