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4.7CE "Competition Edition" - 1/10 Oval Pan Car Kit

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We are thrilled to unveil our newest and highest-level 1/10 pan car offering just in time for the 2023-24 indoor season: enter the 4.7CE, or Competition Edition. This complete kit includes the already industry-standard features you are accustomed to, along with many running improvements from the OG 4.7. We have truly pulled out all the stops for this kit, with no expense spared, and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on it.


NEW with the 4.7CE:

- PRW's industry-leading "POP" front end contains an updated aluminum lower arm mount (PRW13111), designed to capture our brand new floating servo mount system (PRW13031)

- PRW Floating Servo Mount System: Decouples the servo mount from the chassis, allowing the steering servo to directly respond to any movement/flex of the chassis throughout the suspension travel, resulting in optimal and predictable steering performance. Carbon mounting plate conveniently accepts Futaba 9650, Futaba 671, and Sanwa/MKS-sized micro servos without having to change any parts out

- After much revision, kit includes PRW’s Anti-Tuck Nerf Wing System (PRW13360) to provide the solution for the ever-evolving pan car body market, where bodies are getting thinner and lighter with each release. Super minimalistic and lightweight design with one single 2.00mm-thick carbon rail, updated nerf wing, and aluminum hardware. Backward-compatible to all PRW 1/10 pan car models (use forward nerf wing hole for 4.7 and older, use back hole for 4.7CE and newer releases)

- PRW’s Rear Steer T-Plate System (PRW12500-028) with .028” spring steel T-Plate for easy and repeatable rear steer adjustment. Optional .032”-thick T-Plate available separately as well (PRW12502)

- KSG Motorsports Ultimate Side Shocks (PRW12641). Our friends at KSG machine these shocks to incredibly precise tolerances and we are thrilled to offer these as an upgrade to standard IRS-style side shocks. Standard 4.7 kit will still come with IRS-style shocks

- PRW’s all-new ultra-lightweight differential hubs for optimum performance in all classes, but especially with spec racing in mind. Left side hub weighs in under 3 grams (PRW12881); right side hub (12871) under 5. Durable construction while still lightened in every area possible. Kit will come with a differential, optional ultra-lightweight spool kit is available as an option (PRW13370) - contains two left-side hubs, carbon spool axle and 4-40 screws to mount spur gear (gear not included)

- All-new Adjustable Shock Height Top Plate with “drop plate” design, to offer much wider adjustment of side shock height without raising the center of gravity (PRW12441)

- PRW’s complete Reduced T-Plate Offset carbon kit, including top plate, bottom plate and cross brace (PRW12442). This kit offsets the T-Plate to the right of its stock position for enhanced performance based on your class and track/environment conditions

The 4.7 has racked up so many TQ’s, wins and podiums at local, regional and national events. We could not be more excited to continue building on an extremely decorated platform. We are confident you will love the updates made to this kit and we cannot wait for you to try it for yourself. We can confidently say this is the most versatile pan car you are going to find for any application, regardless of surface, stock or modified, foam or rubber tire; you name it and the 4.7CE will have you covered. The choice is yours: continue asking questions on how to reach victory lane or pick up the final answer to those questions. Choose the 4.7CE from Pemberton Raceworks and enjoy our premium 1/10 oval pan car offering today.

Needed to complete: servo, ESC/wire, motor, battery, RX/TX, wheels/tires, body/clips.

4.7CE New Part Numbers:

PRW12011 - 4.7CE Conversion Kit

PRW12441 - Adjustable Height Top Pod Plate

PRW12442 - Adjustable Height Reduced-Offset Pod Kit

PRW12500-028 - Rear Steer T-Plate System (.028” T-Plate)

PRW12500-032 - Rear Steer T-Plate System (.032” T-Plate)

PRW12641 - KSG Ultimate Side Shock Kit (no springs)

PRW12871 - Ultra-Lightweight Right Side Hub - 1/10

PRW12881 - Ultra-Lightweight Left Side Hub - 1/10

PRW13031 - Pan Car Floating Servo Mount System - 4.7CE

PRW13111 - Lower Arm Mounts - Aluminum - 4.7CE

PRW13360 - Anti-Tuck Nerf Wing System

PRW13370 - Ultra-Lightweight Spool Axle Kit - 1/10